About me

Sue at her loom 

After a life-long interest in textiles as a hobbyist – sewing, knitting, and later spinning – early retirement finally gave me time in 2005 to learn to weave, which I took to like a duck to water.

I have been on various short courses to learn particular techniques, but most of my skill comes from hard work and practice.

I love the geometric nature of weaving and particularly enjoy using comparatively simple designs that let the texture, colour and beauty of the yarns show to the best effect.  I prefer to work with natural fibres and get inspiration for my designs from many sources, including the colours and patterns of the natural world.

Much of the silk I use I hand dye, which makes each piece unique.

Currently I have two looms; a small one that I use for sampling and for some of the narrower scarves, and a much larger Swedish loom that is my main workhorse and a beautiful example of wooden engineering.  Both looms are completely hand-, and in the case of the larger on, foot-, operated.  I work at home in my living room looking out over the beautiful Shropshire countryside.