A long day

So, off to Ilkley for a tutorial yesterday.  Left home at 10.30 am and arrived back at 7.30 pm – mind you that included a hour and a half stop at IKEA to check out possible display items, and a bite to eat.

I saw bits of the motorway system I’d never seen before – the M65, which was nice and empty.  And the rain did stop for part of the journey home, and the sun came out.  Was involved in a couple of long, and unexplained, traffic jams that made me a little late arriving.

A very useful tutorial though.  Went over some problems and have a clearer idea of where to go next.  Now to put the rug warp on the loom, and dye a few solid colours for the rest of the project.

Was exhausted when I got home, but when I went to bed was unable to get to sleep because of all the ideas buzzing around in my head.  A good sign – I think.

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