Dyeing Complete!

Over the weekend I’ve finally completed all the dyeing I need for my throws and cushion covers.  At least I hope I have!

I calculated the total length of warp yarn I’d need for both throws and cushions, and decided I’d make 70% of the warp ends in the dyed yarn, the other 30% being the natural grey.  That told me I needed 4000 metres of dyed yarn – the equivalent of 24 of the hanks I’d wound.

To that I’ve added five of the white Cheviot hanks.  I’d already dyed some of them, but they were too bright.  An overdye with a very weak solution of brown has taken them back beautifully so they now blend in with the colours that were dyed on grey.

Here are a couple of pictures, one showing a corner of my kitchen turned into a dyeworks, and the other of the dyed yarns ready for use.




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