New loom more important than new kitchen!

I’m so envious of my friends who already have a dobby looms.  I had a meltdown on Friday trying to sort out the tie-up of my countermarche.  Eight shafts, eight treadles means 64 connections to make while lying on my side under the loom.  And could I get the damn thing right!  In the end I settled for ‘just about OK to weave with’.  I was working on one the throws for my final collection and it probably didn’t help that time is now of the essence.

Anyway the throw got woven eventually.  Then I had to change the tie-up for fabric for a cushion cover – also a problem, but not as bad.  Now I’m weaving the second cushion cover.  Yet another new tie-up, but this time only two shafts so much easier to do and to get right.  I’ll be finishing that one today and then have to re-thread the warp – and of course tackle yet another eight treadle tie-up.  I’ve loved the course, but I’ll be so glad when it’s finished.

And I’ll definitely be spending my money on a new loom rather than a new kitchen!

Anyway, here’s a picture of that first troublesome throw on the loom.

throw on loom

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