And on to Project 6

I spent a few days in the Lake District last autumn and dragged the friend I was with up Coniston Old Man.  Not all the way!  Just as far as the abandoned copper mine workings.  I love these old industrial wastelands.  The colours and textures are just beautiful.

I took so many pictures that my camera battery ran out!  I’m using one or two of them as the inspiration for Project 6.  This will be my final project and I have to produce a collection at the end of it.  One of the items I’m going to be weaving is a rya rug/hanging using Herdwick wool on a linen warp.  I am passionate about Herdwick sheep and their wool.  It’s not something you’d want to wear next to your skin!  But it makes beautiful tweed – sadly I couldn’t get hold of a supply of yarn suitable for that, hence the rug.

Anyway, just to be going on with here is a picture of a Herdwick that was happy to let me get quite close.


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