Weekend Wanderings

No pictures with this post unfortunately – I’m in Bradford and my pictures are at home in Shropshire!

This is when I find out if the work I’ve done on Project 6 so far is on the right lines.  All I have with me is one woven sample – a length of rug experiments using the Herdwick wool that I’ve dyed.

I’m happy with the rya sample.  I think ideally I’d have liked to do all-over rya, but not only would take considerable time, it would also mean a heck of a lot of dyeing.  Rya worked in blocks on a plain weave background looks good, is a good representation of the wall that’s inspired it, and will work for a floor rug or a hanging.  And very importantly is doable in the time I have available.

So, when I get home I need to organise a dyeing routine – for the Herdwick and the Cheviot I’ll be using for throws.  Since all the dyeing is done on the stovetop in my kitchen it does take some management!  At least the Cheviot is already woven into hanks.



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