Finished Work

Well, this coming weekend the final show goes up.  There’s still some paperwork to finish, but all the weaving is done, so here are some pictures of the finished pieces.

This is the rug.  Sorry it’s not a better picture, but it’s too large for me to capture it all any other way.


Here are details of the two throws – the first in Brighton Honeycomb and the second in a Deflected Doubleweave.

IMG_2715         IMG_2718

And finally the two cushion covers – the first one in Hopsack and the second in a Crepe Weave.

Img_2687 crop       Img_2692 crop

They’re all woven in British wool in natural greys and colours that I’ve dyed with acid dyes.  I’m really pleased with all the pieces and looking forward to being able to use them in my home eventually.

I have quite a lot of the wool left.  The throws and cushions were woven in wool that I bought as fleeces from local smallholders and had spun, and there’s stacks of that left, in white and grey. The Herdwick used for the rug I bought as yarn and I reckon I have enough left to weave two more flat rugs, which I can either try and sell or keep for my own use.











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