Wet Weekend

A really dull and wet Bank Holiday Monday here in Shropshire.  So dull first thing this morning I needed the light on.

My garden has become something of a wilderness while I’ve been ‘doing Bradford’, but there is a lovely river of purple foxgloves snaking through the weeds.  I’d take a photograph to share with you, but not in the rain!  I have someone coming in a few weeks to help me sort it all out – well, to do most of the heavy work if truth be told.  I’m looking forward to having my vegetable beds up and running again.

Meanwhile I’m busy getting ready for the final weekend at Bradford.  The weaving is done, just a little finishing on the rug to do, tomorrow I have to buy tape for that.  Today I’m checking I’ve done all the necessary paperwork, and that there’s nothing I else need to dash out and buy.

Some of my final pieces have been photographed, but I want to see if the light is better tomorrow before I post anything here.  Pictures will be uploaded on Wednesday at the latest.

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