No More Deadlines

The course is over!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and it has been so worth while, but I have to admit I am glad it’s finished.  It’s exhausting always having a deadline looming, and trying to tick all the HNC boxes in everything you do.

At the same time it does feel strange knowing that there’ll be no more scrambling to get everything done, and no more weekends in Bradford.  And I won’t be a student any more.
Not that there’s nothing to do, of course.  I feel I need a few days break, particularly as I’ve come down with an end of course cold, but it won’t be long before I’m itching to get a warp on the loom and start weaving again.

I’ve really enjoyed working with all the British wool on the final project, so more of that will probably be the first thing I do.  Maybe in the natural colours at first, although I doubt it’ll be long before my dyes are out again.

Meanwhile there’s the final show preview on Friday, and New Designers later in the month to look forward to.  So not entirely finished yet.

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