Wet, Wet, Wet

Sadly, after we’d spent three days putting our final display up at college they had a night of torrential rain in Bradford and water came through the gallery roof!

Fortunately none of our work was damaged, and our tutors did sterling work moving the whole display to the cafe area next door.  They were pretty exhausted by the time it was all set up again, and I’m extremely grateful to them.  The college forked out for shell system boards so once again everything was displayed against a white background.  And actually I think the final result looked better than in the gallery – more compact space, nicer floor surface, more corner spaces.  The lighting wasn’t quite as good, but when I saw it all at the preview evening last Friday I thought it all looked fantastic.

Here is a picture of my newly set up display.  Unfortunately I’ve managed to cut off the right hand side slightly, but as I only took the one picture it’ll have to do.



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