Catching Up

Well, I seem to have got behind with my blogging!  Clearly it’s not yet a habit.  So what have I been doing since I last reported?

First weekend in October I was in the Lake District with a friend.  I dragged her a mile and a half up Conison Old Man as far as the disused copper mine workings.



I’m hoping to use this derelict industrial landscape and its surroundings as the inspiration for Project 6 of my course.  That doesn’t start until mid December, but as I can’t see myself up a mountain in the Lakes in winter this was possibly the only opportunity to visit.






A most important feature of the Lake District landscape are, of course, the lovely Herdwick sheep whose wool I am hoping to use for at least one item in my collection.




171 photographs before I exhausted the camera battery, and a few souvenir bits of rock, wood and iron are all filed away ready for the start of the project.  They will be used to form the basis of my final collection, but for now I have to put them out of my mind while I carry on with Project 5.

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