Something I’ve had difficulty with throughout the course so far is the sketchbook.  Despite the best efforts of my tutors I’ve not really grasped what is required.  I understand the words ‘show the process’ and ‘develop your ideas’, but how to put them into practice in my sketchbook just hasn’t clicked.

So thank goodness that a fellow course member arranged a two-day course with Brian Raymond of Creative Art Courses in Manchester.  Delays caused by a broken down freight train apart, this was a fantastic weekend – if a little tiring: I’m not used to getting up at 5.30 any more!

I’ve been putting Brian’s teachings to good use in my Project 5 sketchbook, and it’ll be interesting to hear my tutor’s impressions at my next tutorial.

No pictures to accompany this post, sorry. I’ve not had time to take pictures of my own sketchbook yet, but will do so in an update eventually.

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